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2020-03-24NHIA and Quanta Computer sign MOU to cooperate in the development of AI applications in National Health Insurance. 
2020-03-04To support epidemic prevention, non-NHI contracted medical institutions can apply for VPN service to search patients' travel history to specific areas and contact history 
2020-02-29Comprehensive disease prevention: Handbooks of Taiwan's National Health Insurance are now available in several languages to protect foreigners' rights to health care
2020-02-16Information on departures/transits to high-risk areas is now included in the travel history notification list, thus effectively closing gaps in disease prevention
2020-02-05NHI Card or Resident Certificate is required to purchase Masks Since February 6th, 2020
2020-01-27Enhanced Epidemic Prevention Travel History of High-risk Area Now Available on NHI MediCloud System
2020-01-19Reimbursement of Self-advanced Medical Expenses for Emergency Medical Care Abroad
2019-12-12NHIA Post-acute Integrated Care Program Helps the Elderly Stand Again
2019-12-06Enhanced Patient Safety and Information Security Both through the NHI MediCloud System
2019-11-26Public Satisfaction with National Health Insurance System Hits Historical High of 89.7%, and Physicians’ Satisfaction with NHI also Increases Year by Year.
2019-11-21NHIA Wins 2019 eASIA Awards Silver Prize
2019-10-25Dr. Po-Chang Lee, Director General of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Administration, led a professional team to visit the Republic of the Philippines to demonstrate Taiwan’s soft power in healthcare– experiences of applying medical informatics to health insurance systems
2019-08-08APEC Conference on Medical Information Sharing for Enhancing Medical and Disease Management
2019-06-18Taiwan and Vietnam work together to demonstrate soft power of healthcare – experiences of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance system and medical informatics establishment
2017-10-16Improved Medical Care for Mountainous Area and Offshore Island on “NHI IDS plan”
2017-09-12Scan and Pay Using QR-Codes! It's as Simple as That
2017-08-27Download My Health Bank for Integrated Healthcare Services
2017-06-27Expanding the Target Population of Post-Acute Care and Establishing a Community-Based Integrated Care Model
2017-05-24Health Minister and NHIA Director General Share Taiwan's NHI Achievements at Geneva Forum
2017-04-13Amendment to National Health Insurance Referral Guidelines: Co-Payment benefits for 4 Re-Visits Within 1 Month after Referral