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My Health Bank Adds Test Health Education Contents

In the Test and Examination Results section of My Health Bank, health education content was added and health education website links were established in the “Examination Report and Tracking - Blood Glucose Test Report, Blood Lipid Test Report" and "Disease Tracking - Diabetes Tracking, Early Chronic Kidney Disease Tracking, Hepatitis B/C Tracking" examination/test items on July 21, 2022. These additions make it more convenient for the public to understand what the examination/test results mean; they can also obtain some health education and knowledge to improve their own health care.

Dr. Po-Chang Lee, Director General of the NHIA, explains that My Health Bank can help people to better understand their own health conditions. The new health education content for examinations/tests also comes with links to health education websites. It is hoped that the information will further boost public health literacy and enable the public to make the right decisions for their health and allowing for proper use of medical resources.

The NHI APP was revised in May 2022. Now, it has a more concise design, and a multi-biometric login function allowing the public to obtain NHI news and updates quickly. Recent news includes: various NHI premium payment methods, expansion on physicians prescribing oral hepatitis B antivirals, new drugs, and response to media for incretin issues.

The number of NHI APP downloads hit 20 million on June 29, 2022, along with more than 10 million personal logins to My Health Bank. As of July 21, 4.38 million mobile devices (including mobile phones and tablets) have updated the app. People who have downloaded the NHI APP should upgrade it as soon as possible so that they can instantly obtain information on NHI.

The NHI APP is the best self-management tool of health for digital government. In addition to My Health Bank, many services including E-Counter, Medical Services Inquiry, and Virtual NHI Card are also available. For any questions, please call the NHIA hotline at 0800-030-598 or at 02-4128-678 for a mobile phone.

  • Date:2022-08-15