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1. NHI Prepaid Medical Expense Refund Application Form. You can go directly to a National Health Insurance Administration regional division in your area or contact the liaison office and pick up a form at a service counter.

2.Original copies of your medical expense receipts and an itemized statement of expenses
If you have accidently lost the original copy of your receipt or the statement of expenses, or the original documents are needed for other purposes, you may apply for a duplicate copy of the receipt with the health care institution and have it stamped with their clinic or hospital chop. If it is difficult to have the copy of the receipt of medical treatment abroad stamped, then you are not required to return to the hospital to get it stamped. In addition, regardless of the medical treatment received at home or abroad, as long as the receipt provided is not the original, a statement confirming that the patient was “unable to provide original receipts of medical expenses” must be signed. You must also note on the copies why you were unable to provide the originals.

3.If an application is fi led by a legal representative or authorized agent, the applicant shall provide a signature and a copy of proof of identity of the authorized agent.

4.A Diagnosis Certificate or Documentary Proof
For individuals who seek medical attention outside the NHI implementation region (including foreign countries and China) or at non-NHI contracted clinics or hospitals, please obtain the following documents from the physician or hospital:

(1)If you made an outpatient or emergency ward visit, please prepare a “certificate of diagnosis” (should specify the symptoms shown and the name of the diagnosed condition).

(2)If you were hospitalized, you must also obtain a “hospital discharge summary”.

(3)If the “certificate of diagnosis” or other documents are in a foreign language other than English, they must have a Chinese translation attached.

5.If you apply for reimbursement of out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred overseas, please also submit copies of documents proving exit and entry (usually copies of your passport with a photograph and Taiwan exit and entry stamps for the trip in question), or a Certificate of Entry and Exit Dates from the National Immigration Agency (which can be applied for and issued online), or related documentation from your employer. Those who have yet to enter Taiwan can appoint an agent to represent them. Please attach a “letter of authorization” with the application. (The form can be downloaded from the NHIA’s Chinese-language website: http://www.nhi.gov.tw/).
Note: To apply for reimbursement for out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred in places outside of Taiwan, a certificate of diagnosis, the original copy of the receipt, a detailed statement of expenses and other relevant documents are required. If such documents are not in English, Chinese translations of the documents should be provided.

6.To apply for reimbursement of expenses for a hospital stay in China for five days (totaling 5 days but not including the date of discharge; for example: if one is hospitalized on January 1 and discharged on January 6, the number of days hospitalized is calculated as five days) or more, you must present the original copy of the receipt and a certificate of diagnosis. They must be notarized by a notary public in China. After returning to Taiwan, you need to apply to the Straits Exchange Foundation to have the original copy of the notarized document(s) verified. For related information, please contact the Straits Exchange Foundation at 02-2533-5995 or consult its website at http://www.sef.org.tw/mp1.html