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First-time applying for NHI card

  1. For first-time enrollment in NHI through companies, businesses, labor/farmer/fishermen associations, or local administrative office

(I)  You may use the following methods to enroll in NHI and apply for an NHI card.

1. Online application (limited to companies, occupational union, farmer [fisherman] associations)

Please apply to your insured unit. When applying for NHI enrollment on the “multi-certificate online platform” of the NHIA, the handler of the insured unit should tick the box to make and issue an NHI card and fill in the address to which the card will be delivered. The photo file format is .JPG and it may not be greater than 5M in size.

2. Township (Town/City/District) Office (limited to the insured district office)

If the insured enroll in NHI at their local administrative office where their households are registered, the NHI card can be applied at the same time.

3. Written application:

Please apply to your insured unit (or also for dependents). The insured unit will fill out the Insurance Application Form, along with the Application For NHI Card Form (Download the application form, also available at a post office) and sent by registered mail to the NHIA’s regional division.

※Photo specifications: One 2-inch, upper body, front-facing, photo with no hat, no color-lens glasses, with clear facial features taken recently. In consideration of clarity of identity, the photo shall not be edited or superimposed.

(II) Medical services:

1. A newborn baby can use the NHI card of the mother/father for the first 60 days from birth.

2. If you need to see a doctor while your card is being processed, you may take a photocopy of the Insurance Application Form (the online application must be printed out and sealed by the respective unit) to the medical institution and fill out the “List of exceptional registrations for Health Care” to receive care covered by the NHI.

(III) Pickup time:

Within 5 to 14 working days after the application is submitted, the card will be sent to the mailing address given on the application form.

  1. Completed (or previously has been) insured but has not applied to obtain an NHI card

(I)  On-site Application in Person at NHIA

1. Documents

(1) Original identity document of the intended cardholder (or representative)

Bring one original copy of the following documents for review:

  1. National ID card; A household registration certificate may be used in place of the ID card for those applicants under 14 (who have not yet obtained an ID card).
  2. R.O.C. passport.
  3. R.O.C. driver’s license.
  4. The documents of residency indicated in the “Enforcement Rules of the National Health Insurance Act.”
  5. Other documents for legal residents of Taiwan or permission from National Agency with photo, name, date of birth and evidence of identity.

(2) One 2-inch photo

    1. One 2-inch, upper body, front-facing, photo with no hat, no color-lens glasses, with clear facial features taken recently. In consideration of clarity of identity, the photo may not be edited or superimposed.
    2. The optical disk containing the pictures may be brought.
    3. Ask the NHIA counter staff for an email to send the photo.
    4. The counters of the NHIA all provide free photo services, but do not provide background or photo editing (during the pandemic period, the photo service may be closed in accordance with the latest regulations of the CECC and depending on the situation and availability of labor at each service location).

※ The first NHI card of a newborn infant may be used without a photograph; however, a separate identification document must be used for verification.

(3) Processing fees

    1. The processing fees are waived for the first application for an NHI card.
    2. Cards that have been lost or destroyed, or when the basic information or photo on which is changed, a processing fee of NT$200 is charged.
    3. When the sensing functionality of the NHI card does not work properly but the card is intact, the original card must be handed in for waiver of processing fee.

2.  Payment methods

(1)   Cash

(2)   Credit card (check with the issuing bank for any handling fees)

(3)   Electronic payment (some counters of the NHIA accept payment by EasyCard or iPASS. Check for payment options with the counter at time of payment.)

3.  Locations for processing

(1) NHIA regional division or liaison office

(2) Local administrative office authorized by the NHIA

4.  Waiting time: Depends on the number of applicants on the day. The average waiting time is about 15-30 minutes.

(II) Apply and obtain cards by mail

1.  Already completed insurance application or insured

2.  Fill out the Application for NHI Card Form

3.  List of contact numbers and mailing addresses of NHIA regional divisions

Regional Divisions

Mailing address

Telephone no.

Taipei Division

P.O. Box 200, Taipei Guting Post Office 100930


Northern Division

No. 525, Sec. 3, Zhongshan E. Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320216, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Central Division

No. 66, Shizheng N. 1st Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407666, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Southern Division

No. 96, Gongyuan Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700203, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Kaoping Division

No. 259, Zhongzheng 4th Rd., Qianjin Dist., Kaohsiung City 801663, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Eastern Division

No. 36, Xuanyuan Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970009, Taiwan (R.O.C.)