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NHI Card Maintenance
If the information shown on the NHI Card or its embedded chip is damaged, the NHI Card cannot be read by the card reader. Therefore, cardholders are asked to pay attention to the following::
  • Do not over-bend the card or scratch, poke or sit on the chip to avoid damaging it.
  • Do not wash or soak the card or use alcohol or a solvent to clean the chip, expose it to a sharp object, or to a highly acidic, alkaline or other corrosive environment.
  • Avoid directly exposing the chip to a power source, fire source, bright sunshine or high temperatures. Do not store the card near items with a magnetic field such as a television set or computer.
Is there an NHI Card expiry date?
The NHI card has a long shelf life. It does not have to be reissued even if one changes employers. Please keep it safe.