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2009-11-11Palliative Care Services Open to Terminally Ill Non-cancer Patients in Eight Newly Added Categories, Officially Covered by National Health Insurance since September 1st, 2009
2009-11-06Over 310,000 Less-privileged People Obtain Subsidies for National Health Insurance Premiums from Tobacco Health and Welfare Surcharge
2009-09-29Use of Nexavar in Treatment of Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Covered by National Health Insurance
2009-09-22International visitors
2009-09-11Annual Announcement of Adjustment Items Conducted in Accordance with Statutory Requirements
2009-09-07NHI Relief Measures for Morakot Victims
2009-05-12New Measures Will Benefit 490,000 Individuals: National Health Insurance offers Help for Disadvantaged Groups
2008-12-30International visitors
2007-11-05National Health Insurance (NHI) insurable income adjusted beginning August 1st due to increase in minimum wage
2007-03-14NHI IC Card Tips
2007-02-16Directions for NHI IC Card Management
2006-09-28The fifth annual drug price adjustment made by the Bureau of National Health Insurance (BNHI) will take effect on November 1, 2006. The adjusted amount accounts for NT$7-9 billions. At the same
2006-09-19Non-photo NHI IC Card for Newborns--Online Application is Fast and Convenient
2006-09-07Having Difficulty in Paying Premiums? The BNHI Will Help!
2006-08-29To improve medical treatment safety and quality the BNHI announces ten new indicators for non-reimbursement
2006-08-22NHI Medical Treatment Revision in Preparation
2006-08-17When Your Child Has a Cold, Are You Using the Right Medicine?
2006-08-15The BNHI Making Available Electronic Printing of Premium Bill, GIAs are Welcome to Use the System