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With Various Payment Methods, Making NHI Premium Payment is Easier than Ever.

The NHIA provides a variety of safe, convenient, and quick methods for making premium payments:

  1. Download the NHI APP: Download and install the NHI APP on their mobile phones, log in to "E-Counter," click "Pending Premium Payments" in the "Personal Inquiry and Settings” service area, select the year and month of NHI premiums to be paid, and click "Make Payments." People can select the "convenience store mobile barcode" and make a payment at any of the four major convenience stores;
  2. On the NHIA website: Go to "Online Counter/ Premium Payments/NHI Premium Payment Section", choose a checking account, credit cards, or mobile payments and make payments;
  3. e-Bill website (https://ebill.ba.org.tw/): Click on NHI premium, and select checking deposit account or debit card and make payments;
  4. Taiwan Pay, JKOPay, Line Pay Money, Pi Wallet, or other payment apps: Just scan the payment QR code to make payments.

To learn more about premium payment methods, please visit the NHIA website and check "Premium Payment Methods." You may also call the toll-free hotline at 0800-030-598, or at 02-4128-678 for a mobile phone.

  • Date:2022-08-15