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The New NHI Online Service: Changing the UI No. on ARC when replacing the NHI Card

  The National Immigration Agency has launched a new number format for Alien Resident Certificates (ARCs) since Jan 2, 2021. Migrant workers who enroll via the old number can still use the NHI card. However, those who wish to register via the new number should apply for a new NHI card and make a change. The cost for replacing a new NHI card is NT$200.
  According to the NHIA, after receiving an ARC in the new format, migrants who wish to replace their NHI cards can apply for a new card through the 'Multiple Certificate Online Underwriting System' using the "new UI No. and NHI card for foreign nationals" option via their insured units. The personal information, including the photo, will be automatically switched to the new UI No. That is, changing UI No., and replacing a new NHI card can be processed at the same time.
  According to the Kaoping Division of NHIA, if there are too many requests for the new NHI card, or online access is not available, the Division also offers localized mass production services. To receive the aforementioned service, please call 07-2315151#6041 in advance.

  • Date:2021-10-22