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Things to Know About Your NHI Enrollment after Retirement.

  If your monthly NHI premium was withheld from your salary and you are inquiring enrollment information after retirement so as to ensure your access to chronic continuous prescription, there are three following options for you. That is, you can first enroll in the NHI program through your children. If you do not have children, you can enroll in the program through other direct blood descendent. If the above two options do not apply, you can enroll in the program at your household registration office.
  National Health Insurance program is a compulsory social insurance program. The insured can be categorized into 6 groups and shall enroll in the NHI program based on the order. For those who are unemployed and meet the criteria, they should enroll through their relatives (spouse, children or grandchildren). Group insurance applicants shall complete the suspension/ re-enrollment from the NHI within three days after retirement. Once the eligibility has been confirmed, NHI applications can be filed. Should the enrollment be suspended, the premiums will still be collected during the suspension period.

  • Date:2021-09-10