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New NHI Mobile App Brings NHI Services at Your Fingertips

  Effectively immediately, the upgraded version of the NHI Mobile App adds two major features: “My Health Bank” and “Mobile Counter”. You can check your own “My Health Bank” or payment status or records for the NHI premiums in the “Mobile Counter” section from your cell phone or tablet by getting registered on “NHI smart card online services” from the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) website.

  According to the 2014 Digital Opportunity Survey of the National Development Council, 78% of people aged 12 and above in Taiwan have had the experience of using the Internet. Among them, people who use the Internet through their cell phone account for nearly 85%. More and more people seek access to online service from their mobile devices. Therefore, the NHIA modified the NHI Mobile App developed in 2012 by adding specialized features such as “My Health Bank” and “Mobile Counter”. Now, you can apply for your own “My Health Bank” on your cell phone or tablet and accordingly check your outpatient medical records and other information on allergy and organ donation or hospice palliative care, all of which updates regularly, simply by registering for online NHI card services through the dedicated system. In addition, “My Health Bank” App data can be presented sequentially by the date of visit, the healthcare facility, or disease to not only quickly keep track of individuals' medical records but also facilitate display for physicians' reference when a patient seeks medical attention.

  The NHIA has been constantly seeking improvements by applying online technology to deliver services to you. You can access the “Mobile Counter” to check your own payment status or records of NHI premiums by simply downloading the new NHI Mobile App. It is expected that new features will be added at the end of this year (2015) to enable payment of NHI premiums using a current bank account or a credit card, inquiries about personal and dependents’ enrollment records, and application for replacement of the NHI card.

  The new NHI Mobile App consists of nine major features in total, namely “Medical Care Quick Search”, “My Health Bank”, “Mobile Counter”, “Service Locations”, “NHI Audiovisuals”, “NHI Laws and Regulations”, “NHI Headlines”, “NHI Q&A”, and “Long-term Care”. The app is available both for Android (for cell phones and tablets) and the iOS (for cell phones). You can search for the NHI Mobile App on Google Play or Apple Store for easy download and installation. If you have already downloaded the app, please remember to update it to receive the new features. Service-oriented, the NHIA has been working together with its people in realizing complete health management and a healthy and blessed life by mobilizing “My Health Bank” so that people can access NHI services at their fingertips!

  • Date:2015-10-13