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Enhanced Epidemic Prevention Travel History of High-risk Area Now Available on NHI MediCloud System

    The 2019-20 outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) first detected in Wuhan, China continues, and new cases are being confirmed around the world. In order to control the spread of the disease and keep track of patients, the Central Epidemic Command Center instructed on January 25, 2020 that records of travel to Hubei, China in the past three months, as provided by the National Immigration Agency (NIA), must become available to medical care institutions via the NHI MediCloud System as soon as possible. These institutions can thus have access to patients’ travel histories to Hubei.


    The National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare incorporated records of entry into Taiwan from Wuhan since January 13 (within 14 days, as provided by the NIA) into the NHI MediCloud System. Such travel history is noted in patients’ information summary on the system’s main page, so that doctors can stay vigilant for potential threats and prevent further spread of the coronavirus. Likewise, patients must actively inform doctors of their recent travel history when seeking medical attention, as to provide more accurate and timely diagnoses and treatment, thereby protecting public health.


  • Date:2020-01-27