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The NHI Provides more Comprehensive Care with Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Home Health Care Program

     To improve the accessibility of medical care for patients who cannot easily leave their homes due to disability or disease, the NHIA has launched the Integrated Home Health Care Program, through which medical professionals such as Western medicine physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists can provide medical services at patient’s home.
     Beginning in June of 2019, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors have also joined the Program. Patients who have difficulty seeking medical attention due to mobility issues can have immediate treatment at home after professional evaluation by a physician. Under the combined care of Chinese and Western physicians, patients with severe constipation and incontinence, dementia, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, and other diseases may better control their conditions, while also reducing the frequency of their hospital readmissions.
     A total of 27 TCM hospitals and clinics in the jurisdiction of the NHIA Southern Division participate in the Integrated Home Health Care Program. In 2021, 269 people were provided with 2,027 TCM home visits. Holistic care with TCM and Western medicine treatments can make community medical care and long-term care more functional and more comprehensive.


  • Date:2022-05-19