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New options for NHI service: LINE group chat for group insurance applicants now available.

  ‘If a foreigner enrolls via a new ID card number but still has the old card number in the NHI card, would it affect his/her NHI rights?’ ‘When having unpaid parental leave, can an individual re-enroll in the NHI program via the spouses instead of the company?’ To deal with issues regarding NHI enrollment and withdrawal, the Southern Division of the NHIA has adopted an innovative model: in June, 2021, a line group chat for group insurance applicants in Tainan, Yunlin and Chiayi has been rolled out. In addition to the latest information, group insurance applicants can seek help in the LINE group chat, in a convenient and more efficient way.
  According to the NHIA, the pandemic has made zero-contact online service the mainstream. The Southern Division of the NHIA ensures that questions regarding NHI can be dealt with via the LINE group chat as soon as possible, and the risk of exposing to infectious diseases can thus be greatly reduced. Furthermore, questions raised by an individual can benefit every party in the group. Since June, 2021, nearly 200 group insured applicants have joined the LINE group chat, and the LINE group has been receiving positive feedback. The NHIA will be working on launching more convenient and timely services.

  • Date:2021-09-24