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Central Division of the NHIA Joins Forces with Multiple Associations and Applies Tech to Protect the Health of People

In central Taiwan (Taichung, Changhua, Nantou), more than 1.05 million people enroll in NHI through 753 occupational, farmers, and fishery associations. In 2022, the Central Division of the NHIA working together with the occupational, farmers, and fisheries associations has assisted 230,000 members of the aforementioned associations to download My Health Bank APP and make 240,000 applications online by using the "Selection of Excellent Insured Unit of Categories 2 and 3" competition. Another 124 labor unions have assisted 443 people to apply for deferred payment of premiums totaling NT$3.12 million, and have also assisted 660 people to continue their NHI during the pandemic while they were unable to return to Taiwan.

The Central District stated that the Selection of Excellent Insured Unit has entered its 9th year. In the recent pandemic, occupational, farmers, and fisheries associations have made use of digital healthcare technologies to fight against the disease. For example, the TRHSA of Taichung counseled its Covid-positive members to use the NHI APP to take screenshots of their "COVID-19 vaccination/test results" to apply for labor insurance payment. In addition, members were also instructed to use the medical institution search function in order to have video consultations with Chinese Medicine physicians to receive NRICM 101 (a traditional Chinese medicine formula used to treat Covid symptoms). The NHI APP and NHI online services have become helping hands that the public can rely on.

  • Date:2022-12-07