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Citizens Revoked Their Household Registration for Less than 2 Years may Reinstate the National Health Insurance upon Restoring the Household Registration

Taiwan’s citizens who remain abroad due to the pandemic and have been revoked their household registration are not eligible for NHI. However, as long as their household registration has been cancelled within 2 years, the citizen may re-enroll immediately in NHI upon reinstating household registration. The NHIA reminds these returning citizens to protect their right to the National Health Insurance by re-enrolling for NHI once household registration is restored.

People who have already restored their household registration and re-enrolled can check their enrollment status at the E-Counter of the NHI APP. Also, users can view their vaccination records and health care history from the past 3 years on My Health Bank.

For any questions, please call the NHIA hotline at 0800-030-598, or at 02-4128-678 for a mobile phone.

  • Date:2022-11-30