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With the Launch of Telemedicine, Remote Areas are Like our Neighborhood.

  Dr. Po-Chang Lee, the Director General of the National Health Insurance Administration, Magistrate Yao-Chang Hsu of MiaoLi County, and Superintendent Qian-gang Hsu of Da-Chien Hospital led the medical team at the opening ceremony of “A New Era of Healthcare: Telemedicine in Tai-an County” on Nov.5. Telemedicine services were demonstrated on site, and Director General Lee awarded the participants certificates for their contribution to reducing the discrepancy between urban and rural areas.
  In 2021, the NHIA set aside one billion dollars for medical care in remote areas to address the difficult situation, encouraging the 60 mountainous and remote areas to provide medical treatment through telemedicine. The telemedicine services include ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology and emergency care. In this way, remote areas can now receive quality health care through technology.

  • Date:2021-11-05