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NHI Pre-review Requirement for 40 or More Cataract Surgeries per doctor per month has been cancelled in Respond to Growing needs.

  On December 9, the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) convened the NHI Joint Committee for Fee Schedule and Reference List of Medical Services, in which it resolved to delete the rule that a doctor who exceeds 40 cataract surgeries in one month must submit a report for pre-surgery review. Rolling reviews of relevant management measures will also be conducted according to the reports submitted by contracted medical care institutions in due course.

  As a result of the aging population and the excessive use of 3C products, NHI data shows that those seeking medical attention due to cataract-related diseases amounted to approximately 1.1 million in 2020, more than 80% of which were people aged over 60s. Compared to 2018, cataract surgeries increased by 6%, which shows an increase of the need for cataract treatment.

  Po-Chang Lee, NHIA Director General, stressed that the NHIA adheres to the principle that place patients at the center and trust doctors' professional judgments, tackles issues realistically, and conducts rolling reviews of relevant measures. After two years of communications, this proposal finally won the support from the medical industry and payer representatives, thus reaching a new milestone. The NHI reform will continue ongoingly. It is hoped that the medical industry manage their work autonomously and provide adequate medical services based on professional judgments, so as to benefit both patients and doctors and make the NHI sustainable.

  • Date:2021-12-10