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Accessing Medical Care is Made Easier With the Virtual NHI Card

  The NHIA has launched the pilot project for the virtual NHI card from 2021. The project includes ‘telemedicine’, ‘home-based medical care’ and ‘extended video outpatient consultations’. People can download the NHI APP/ My Health Bank app, and use the Virtual NHI Card QR Code to schedule appointments, consultations, and get prescriptions from the hospitals that have joined the project. Before seeking medical treatment with a virtual NHI card, people should check with the list of hospitals joined the project and confirm the availability by phone.
  If an elder or insured person does not have a phone, he or she can first register their NHI card and bind it with their family member's phone, then apply for a Virtual NHI Card. Furthermore, using the Virtual NHI Card is a safe and convenient way of helping the elders who have multiple caregivers to maintain a complete medical record and save the trouble of passing the patients’ NHI cards among them.

  • Date:2021-10-22