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Comparisons among the Name-Based Mask Distribution Systems 1.0, 2.0. and 3.0

In order to ensure that the general public would be able to purchase masks conveniently, the policies for the distribution and sale of medical masks has constantly evolved. The Name-Based Mask Distribution System 3.0, in particular, allows people to pick up and pre-order masks at convenience stores, thus enhancing accessibility for the general public. The National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) would like to remind citizens that those who had pre-ordered masks during the fifth round (April 15-17) and the sixth round (April 22-24) can directly pre-order medical masks for the next round at any of the four major convenience stores starting from April 30. When collecting masks at convenience stores, citizens can use their NHI cards to pre-order masks for the seventh round at the self-service kiosks starting from April 30 to May 3. Payments for the pre-ordering have to be made at the same time.


According to the NHIA, the pre-ordering days start from Monday to Wednesday of the first week since the seventh round, and payments have to be made within 3 days of pre-order. The masks can be collected within 14 days starting from the second week. For example: Citizens, whether they have participated in the fifth or sixth rounds, could pre-order masks and make the payment from May 4 (Mon.) to May 6 (Wed.) for the seventh round. They can collect masks from May 11 (Mon.) to May 24 (Sun.). While collecting their masks, they can pre-order and make the payment for the next round.


The Name-Based Mask Distribution System 2.0 was launched on March 12 because working professionals and students had no time to queue up to purchase masks. People who needed masks could order masks on the eMask website or using the NHI Express App and collect their masks at 7-11, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OKmart, PXMart, or Simple Mart. In an effort to provide citizens with more channels to purchase masks and ease the burden on pharmacies and public health centers, starting from April 22, citizens can use NHI cards to pre-order masks at the self-service kiosks at any of the four major convenience stores. What's more, pre-ordering for the next round is available starting from April 30, which means citizens can collect masks, place their next order, and make the payment at the same time. Citizens may choose a channel that suits their needs. The NHIA has compiled and provided information on mask purchasing, including methods, time, and types.


The NHIA noted that as of April 29, about 20.41 million people had purchased masks since the launch of the Name-Based Mask Distribution System. Among them, 20% (about 3.99 million people) purchased masks through online or physical channels, 7% (about 1.45 million people) through only online channels (including convenience stores), and 73% (about 14.96 million people) through only pharmacies or public health centers. The NHIA stated that medical masks are crucial resources during the epidemic prevention period. As a result, the government will increase mask production capacity and revise policy based on public opinions. Citizens should also cherish every mask they have to achieve a better result of epidemic prevention.

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  • Date:2020-04-30