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From May 16, 2022, the NHIA has reduced the time required to apply for a Virtual NHI card, helping patients use video consultations.

     The Central Epidemic Command Center has stipulated that, from May 14, 2022, anyone in home isolation, home quarantine, or self-health management who has tested positive through a rapid test may have the positive result confirmed over video consultation with a physician and then report as a confirmed case (This stipulation applies to everyone from May 26). 
     The NHIA urges those who require video consultations to find medical institutions offering video consultation on the NHIA website or on the NHI App; after making an appointment with the institution for a video consultation, the patient may download the video consultation app required by the institution. After consultation, a family member or agent may take the patient’s NHI card to the institution to fill a prescription and make payments.
     Currently, the application for a Virtual NHI card requires a review period. Starting from May 16, 2022 (including those who applied before May 16, 2022), the NHIA has allowed all applications still pending review to use a “Virtual NHI card without photos” for video consultation (personal identification still needs to be provided). After the review is passed, the system will update the Virtual NHI card with photos.
     If patients cannot use their physical NHI cards or Virtual NHI cards to get medical care over video consultation, the medical institution can make an exception in that case to ensure patients' right to medical care.
     Procedures for applying for and using the Virtual NHI card:
     Step 1: Enter the Virtual NHI card system and complete identification verification: Download and open the NHI App, select “Virtual NHI card,” and complete identification verification.
     Step 2: Click “General Application”: After checking agree for the personal data statement and consent, the applicant clicks “General Application.”
     Step 3: Upload photos: Take a photo of the front of your ID card and a photo of yourself (front-facing, upper half of body).
     Step 4: Obtaining the Virtual NHI card: Input your contact number and email address; then, after confirming your photo on the Virtual NHI card, select “Send Application for Virtual NHI card.”
     Step 5: Using the Virtual NHI card:
     1. While pending review, the applicant may use the Virtual NHI card "without photos."(The ID card or other sufficient form of identification shall be provided.)
     2. Present the Virtual NHI card QR code for the medical personnel to scan.


  • Date:2022-05-30