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Preparing for Video Consultations: Six Things to Do after a Positive Rapid-test Result for COVID-19

     The Central Epidemic Command Center announced that starting from May 26, 2022, regardless of age or community, anyone who gets a positive result after using a home-use rapid test and has the test result confirmed by physician will be considered as a confirmed case. The measure will help to implement triage and treatment with respect to case severity, ensure health system capacity, and provide timely healthcare to patients.

     In light of the fact that some people are still unfamiliar with video consultations, especially elderly people who test positive with an at-home rapid-test, six essential steps for preparation may help their video consultations:

I. Please take a photo of the patient with the rapid test cassette (write the patient's name and test date on the cassette) and NHI card.

II. Use the NHI APP or the NHIA LINE@ to check for contact information of institutions that offer video consultations.

III. Contact the medical institution and make an appointment for a video consultation.

IV. The patient must prepare the NHI card and test cassette for their video consultation. On behalf of the patient, the relative or friend must bring the patient’s cassette and NHI card along with that relative or friend’s ID card and NHI card to the hospital for medical consultations.

V. After a physician confirms the patient's identity, the physician will conduct a video consultation, make a diagnosis, and write a prescription. Patient’s relatives and friends may help the patient fill the prescription; if there is no one available for filling the prescription, the pharmacy may deliver it.

VI. If the patient is assessed to be suitable for antiviral drugs, the friend or relative can collect medication at the pharmacy in the hospital or at designated pharmacy after the patient being explained and the consent of the patient or the representative of the patient being made. It is strongly advised to contact the pharmacy in advance for service hours and collection process.

  • Date:2022-06-06