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Message to Group Insurance Applicants and Individuals: Be Alert to Malicious Emails sent by NHIA Imposter Scams.

  According to the NHIA, malicious software (filename extension: exe) attached in malicious emails were sent by NHIA imposter scans. There have been more than ten group insurance applicants that have received the malicious emails so far. Fortunately, NHIA’s system was not intruded. Group insurance applicants and individuals should not click on the attached file that includes the filename extension ‘exe’ and should therefore delete the email without hesitation.
  As for emails sent by the NHIA, executive file (filename extension: exe) will not be attached within the email. According to preliminary findings, the emails were sent via foreign websites, with the content imitating the official emails sent by the NHIA. As a result, the receivers have difficulty telling the malicious emails from the official ones. It is thus recommended that the emails attached with unknown executive files be deleted at once. If one should happen to click on the malicious executive file, please ask the professionals for help as the computer might have got the virus or been trojanized. Group insurance applicants and individuals must therefore stay alert when opening relevant emails.

  • Date:2021-08-23