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1.With No Occupation

Students who are not employed can enroll as a dependent through the parent of their choice. (For people 20 years of age or older to qualify as students, they must have proof of enrollment at a domestic public school, a private school registered and approved by education authorities or an accredited school overseas.) Those who cannot be a dependent of a parent can enroll as a dependent of their paternal or maternal grandparent. If that is not an option, then they should enroll in the National Health insurance program at their local village, township, city or area administrative office where they hold their household registration.
Insurance Renewal for Students Who Reach the Age of 20
Students who have reached the age of 20 and are unemployed or have no way to support themselves must still rely on their parents or grandparents to be covered under the National Health Insurance system. The insurance registration organization responsible for their enrollment must submit an“Insurance Renewal Application Form” by the end of the month in which they turn 20. This form, along with documentation proving they are students, should be submitted to the National Health Insurance Administration regional division where they are registered to extend their insurance coverage after they turn 20.

2.Employed Part-time
Students with steady jobs should be registered in the program through their employers.
3.Seasonally Employed
Full-time students who only work during summer and winter vacations for fewer than 3 months and return to school when classes resume do not need to change their enrollment statuses during the period of employment.