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2022-12-09NHI MediCloud System Safeguards Everyone through Digital Technology
2022-12-07Central Division of the NHIA Joins Forces with Multiple Associations and Applies Tech to Protect the Health of People
2022-12-07The NHIA Reminds Foreign Nationals to Renew their ARCs to Ensure their National Health Insurance Rights
2022-11-30Citizens Revoked Their Household Registration for Less than 2 Years may Reinstate the National Health Insurance upon Restoring the Household Registration
2022-11-30Online Donations by Credit Cards Make Helping the Disadvantaged Easier and Quicker
2022-11-22Utilizing the Virtual NHI Card for Zero-Contact Health Care
2022-11-22Use A Smart Phone as Your NHI Card -The Virtual NHI Card Makes Healthcare More Convenient for Rural Residents
2022-11-22NHI Heightens Special Healthcare Program for Dental Health
2022-11-22Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis Visits, Learns about Taiwan's NHI System
2022-11-03Use the NHI APP to Check Catastrophic Illness Application Progress
2022-11-03One-stop Service for Certificate Pickup and NHI Enrollment at the same time Now Offered at Southern Veterans Service Offices
2022-11-01Integrated Outpatient Healthcare Plan Heightening Quality of Health Care and Medication Safety
2022-11-01“Eliminating Hepatitis C through the Power of Technology; NHI for a Sustainable Taiwan”Wins the 2022 Sustainability Impact Awards
2022-11-01Please Avoid Repetitive Enrollments by Checking the NHI APP
2022-11-01Foreign reporters visited NHIA to learn about the NHI success
2022-11-01NHI provides one-stop wound care services
2022-11-01Mobile health care safeguards the health of residents in Danei, Tainan
2022-11-01The NHI successful experiences all in the Diary of the NHI Reform 3.0
2022-10-28The NHIA actively matches resources to optimize health care quality in rural areas
2022-10-28Unions, Farmers Associations, and Fishermen Associations Use NHI Digital Services For Their Member Services