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2012-05-17Effectively increasing transparency in the management of pharmaceutical product quality and NHI prices
2012-05-16DOH allocates NT$320 million to increase ER quality and efficiency for major illness treatment.
2012-05-15Targeted therapy drug for brain tumor added to NHI package this May, benefiting more patients.
2012-01-19BNHI Reminders for Patients Seeking Medical Care During the Chinese New Year Holiday
2012-01-18Early Collection of Medications is Permitted for Continuous Prescriptions for Chronic Diseases Before the Chinese New Year Holiday
2011-11-25NHI Contracted Hospitals Will Proactively Inform Patients of Medical Test/Examination Results to Increase Patient Satisfaction
2011-11-24Supplementary measures will be enforced to accommodate changes in calculating the reasonable patient volumes for Western medicine clinics in order to protect the public's right to receive medical services on holidays.
2011-11-23The Public's Right to High-Quality Pharmaceutical Care Will Not Be Affected
2011-08-24Newborns May Access NHI Medical Services with Parents’ NHI IC Cards up to 60 Days after Birth
2011-08-23Bureau of National Health Insurance--Management Measures for Out-of-Pocket Payments by NHI
2011-06-03Headline: BNHI to Launch "Capitation Pilot Project" Starting July 1, 2011 to Help Public Receive More Comprehensively Integrated Care
2011-06-02Medical Institutions' Charges for Items Not Covered by NHI Shall Be in Accordance with Related Principles
2011-06-01Self-Advanced Medical Expenses Made 7 Days Ago Could Be Reimbursed by BNHI via Application
2011-01-07Key Issues Regarding the "National Health Insurance Act" Amendment
2010-12-29National Health Insurance - Maximum Reimbursement Limits for Self-Advanced Medical Expenses Occurred Overseas (1st Quarter 2011) and Coinsurance Ceiling for Hospitalization (Year 2011)
2010-10-05Start the Count Down for Second-Generation NHI and Seize the Opportunity to Reform
2010-10-04The Eight Myths of Second-Generation NHI
2010-10-03The Myths of National Health Insurance
2010-09-29The Approval and Implementation of Practical “Standardized Medical Fees” Will Lead to a Friendlier Medical Environment
2010-09-24BNHI Outpatient IDS Pilot Plan Showing Early Signs of Success