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2022-04-07Please Keep Your Dependents Insured While Temporally Unemployed And Switching Jobs
2022-03-07Use your virtual NHI card on smartphone for medical visits
2022-03-0720 thousand patients can use medications recently included in the NHI formulary
2022-03-07The NHI care network helps the disadvantaged groups
2022-03-07NHI enrollees may claim medical expenses abroad by a delegate
2022-03-07Long-term Ventricular Assist Device proved to be cost-effective for patients awaiting a heart transplant
2022-03-07The Care Integration Project for Diabetes and Early Chronic Kidney Disease Strengthens Integrated Care for Comorbid Patients.
2022-03-07New Services of The NHI APP (My Health Bank)
2022-03-07Virtual NHI Cards Facilitate Telemedicine in Remote Areas
2022-03-07NHI MediCloud as a guardian for kidney patients by reinforcing medication safety with three layers of protection
2022-03-07Five reminders of high-risk medicines added on MediCloud to ensure medication safety
2022-03-07The NHI premium adjusted due to the minimum wage increased
2021-12-10NHI Pre-review Requirement for 40 or More Cataract Surgeries per doctor per month has been cancelled in Respond to Growing needs.
2021-12-09470 Million RUV Invested and 154 Medical Categories Added or Revised in 2021 to Protect Public Health.
2021-12-08Dental Chairs Delivered to Elementary Schools in Rural Areas of Tainan.
2021-12-03NHI Utilizes Digital Technologies and Works with Medical Care Institutions towards Smart Health Care to Protect the Health of the Public.
2021-11-30The relaxing restrictions on the use of multiple NHI medical items are expected to benefit children, teenagers, and people with peptic ulcer disease.
2021-11-29All-oral Hepatitis C treatment has no longer been limited to a specific field of medicine in order to eliminate the disease.
2021-11-17The NHIA requires that pharmacies verify the identity of insured individuals, and people should not violate the law by using fake prescriptions to obtain controlled substances.
2021-11-11Craft unions, farmers’ and fishermen’s associations have digitalized NHI services achieving zero contact during the pandemic.