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2021-09-24New options for NHI service: LINE group chat for group insurance applicants now available.
2021-09-17Reserve Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers? Better Apply for Your Lost NHI Card Replacement via NHI APP ASAP.
2021-09-10Things to Know About Your NHI Enrollment after Retirement.
2021-09-08NHI Program Strengthens its Role in Remote and Mountainous Areas.
2021-09-03Safeguarding Your NHI Enrollment Rights.
2021-08-23Message to Group Insurance Applicants and Individuals: Be Alert to Malicious Emails sent by NHIA Imposter Scams.
2021-08-20Safe Payment Methods Available during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
2021-08-13Mobile Health Care in Remote Places Continues during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
2021-08-06Taking parental leave while staying at home? Inquire unpaid premiums via the NHI APP.
2021-07-26In response to ‘Taroko Express NO. 408 Derailment on April 2’, the NHIA exercises the right of subrogation against Taiwan Railway Administration, insurance companies and other relevant companies, totaled NT$ 4.33 million.
2021-07-16Safeguarding the Health of the Needy during the COVID-19 Pandemic
2021-07-16Taiwan Expo Kicks off in Vietnam. The NHIA presents technologies’ role in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
2021-07-15Over 6 Million People downloaded The NHI APP: Covers Individual Health Management and Utilizes Technologies for Pandemic Prevention
2021-07-09Binding NHI app to access COVID-19 PCR test results
2021-07-08iHEA conference on ‘How the IT system of National Health Insurance Plays a Role in Fighting COVID-19: the case in Taiwan’ held on July 7. Director General Lee shared how technologies help prevent the spread of COVID-19
2021-07-08Telemedicine now available, parents can rest assured
2021-06-18NHIA declares treatment code regarding prone positioning therapy while fully supports the hospital to treat COVID-19 severe patients
2021-06-11Stay home and stay safe: home delivery of the NHI card now available
2021-06-04No in-person contacts during COVID-19: online services for startups to establish a group insurance applicant
2021-05-21Stay Safe and Healthy: Online NHI Services in the time of COVID-19