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2021-02-02Multiple new drugs included under NHI coverage, providing patients with more medication options
2021-02-01Get your NHI card delivered to your door with a few taps on your mobile phone, without going through an in-person application
2021-01-05An expert seminar on "Reuse of National Health Insurance Data and Personal Data Protection" was held on January 5 by NHIA
2020-12-25The International Hospital Federation Recognizes NHI’s strategy as a Model to Fight Pandemic
2020-12-17Setting a Paradigm for Combating Pandemic: The NHIA Won the 3rd Government Service Award by Big Data and Digital Technology
2020-12-16Taiwan National Health Insurance Administration and Thailand National Health Security Office Jointly Shared the Experiences of How Health Insurance System Has Responded to COVID-19 with Fruitful Exchanges.
2020-12-15Webinar on How the IT System of Taiwan National Health Insurance Helps Fight COVID-19
2020-12-11The NHI My Health Bank App was 2020's Most Downloaded App from the Apple App Store
2020-12-04NHI MediCloud System: Strengthening Pandemic Prevention through Technology and Improving Drug Safety
2020-11-30Great news to patients with refractory epilepsy —Medical devices for vagus nerve stimulation covered by NHI since December 1, 2020
2020-11-25The NHIA Won the “2020 National Sustainable Development Award”
2020-11-18Rotary International donates pediatric mobile clinic vehicle to St. Joseph's Hospital; Director-General of the NHIA Po-Chang Lee presents certificate of gratitude during ceremony
2020-11-10NHI will cover drugs to treat gastric cancer, breast cancer, and childhood leukemia
2020-11-05The NHIA and the KMUH teamed up to deliver medical services to indigenous villages in Kaohsiung
2020-11-02NHIA Won First Place in Life/Business Application Group in “2020 Open Data Next!”
2020-10-27Conference on Utilizing NHI Data for AI Applications today showcased the results of AI applications
2020-10-22A double award winner—the NHIA received the Taiwan and Asia-Pacific Special Award For Resiliency in the 2020 IDC DX Awards
2020-10-16Township Administrative offices provide considerate NHI services
2020-10-13Enhancing healthcare for the offshore island Kinmen - Rotary International donates mobile clinic vehicle to Kinmen
2020-09-14Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the National Health Insurance! Premier Su Tseng-chang and Minister Shih-chung Chen were together, marking over 5 million logins to My Health Bank and the launch of new features!