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2011-06-01Self-Advanced Medical Expenses Made 7 Days Ago Could Be Reimbursed by BNHI via Application
2011-01-07Key Issues Regarding the "National Health Insurance Act" Amendment
2010-12-29National Health Insurance - Maximum Reimbursement Limits for Self-Advanced Medical Expenses Occurred Overseas (1st Quarter 2011) and Coinsurance Ceiling for Hospitalization (Year 2011)
2010-10-05Start the Count Down for Second-Generation NHI and Seize the Opportunity to Reform
2010-10-04The Eight Myths of Second-Generation NHI
2010-10-03The Myths of National Health Insurance
2010-09-29The Approval and Implementation of Practical “Standardized Medical Fees” Will Lead to a Friendlier Medical Environment
2010-09-24BNHI Outpatient IDS Pilot Plan Showing Early Signs of Success
2010-09-14Revised Medical Record Request Fees Effective from August 1, 2010
2010-09-02Care for disadvantaged groups in the second generation NHI
2010-04-27Premium rate adjustment takes effect on April 1, 2010
2010-03-31Subsidizing the insurance premiums of the disadvantaged
2010-03-172010 Premium Rate Adjustment
2010-01-15International visitors
2010-01-05Over 20,000 People to Benefit from Lower Upper Limits on NHI Copayments for Hospital Stays in 2010!
2009-12-22Use of Herceptin® for Early Breast Cancer to Be Covered by National Health Insurance
2009-12-08BNHI to Launch Tw-DRGs to Boost Efficiency of Medical Care
2009-11-11Palliative Care Services Open to Terminally Ill Non-cancer Patients in Eight Newly Added Categories, Officially Covered by National Health Insurance since September 1st, 2009
2009-11-06Over 310,000 Less-privileged People Obtain Subsidies for National Health Insurance Premiums from Tobacco Health and Welfare Surcharge
2009-09-29Use of Nexavar in Treatment of Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma Covered by National Health Insurance