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2022-05-11COVID-19 confirmed patients in home health care can use NHI APP to inquire medical institutions providing video consultations
2022-05-11Name-Based Distribution System for At-Home Rapid Test Kits was launched on April 28
2022-05-02An interaction reminder of COVID-19 medication Paxlovid is added on MediCloud.
2022-04-29The NHIA Adds Incentives to Remove Long-Term Indwelling Nasogastric Tubes
2022-04-29Rib Fixation Systems Covered by NHI Starting on May 1, 2022
2022-04-29NHIA encourages early treatments for Hepatitis C to prevent liver cancer
2022-04-29Download the NHI APP for replacing payment slips and paying premiums
2022-04-18The NHIA Partners Mackay Memorial Hospital to Safeguard People's Health in Remote Areas
2022-04-18Copayment Adjustments Plan takes effect on May 15, 2022
2022-04-15Distance is no longer a barrier: Aohua Medical Rehabilitation Center kicks off
2022-04-15Express your views on the use of NHI data by completing the data sharing survey
2022-04-15Green light all the way when showing the vaccination records in the NHI APP
2022-04-15NHIA expanding the functions of its platform to welcome patients to express their opinions on medications
2022-04-15The NHIA Podcast new episodes available on seven platforms
2022-04-15The Official NHIA LINE account upgraded
2022-04-15Please make use of home health care provided by the NHIA during the pandemic
2022-04-12Good News for Pediatric Patients: A Number of New Drugs Now Covered by NHI and Coverage Expansion
2022-04-12Use the NHI APP to Check NHI Premium Subsidies
2022-04-12More Patients Can Receive NHI-covered Palliative Care
2022-04-07On The Front Line Of The Fight Against COVID-19 - Video Consultations Make Medical Visits From Home Possible