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Stay home and stay safe: home delivery of the NHI card now available

  In response to the nationwide Level 3 COVID-19 alert raised by CECC, everyone shall refrain from going out unnecessarily and crowd gatherings. To lower risk of being infected and to reduce in-person contacts, the replacement of the NHI Card for the insured and his/her dependents (spouses, children and parents -) can be applied through the NHI APP provided by NHIA.

  Application for the NHI card can be simply made by downloading the NHI APP to your mobile phone, completing device authentication and accessing e-counter of the NHI APP. The NHI card will then be delivered to your door within 2-3 working days.

  In addition, e-counter of the NHI APP offers multiple convenient online services. If you have any questions for related procedures, please refer to the NHIA’s website.


  • Date:2021-06-11