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NHI Covers Visiting Dental Services to the Disabled

 Xiao Bing (an alias), a patient with cerebral palsy, has difficulties for years to maintain good oral hygiene on his own. In addition to concerns on personal safety and high transportation cost, it makes him more difficult to have dental care that he fails to sit steadily in the dental chair due to uncontrolled limb reflexes while staying in an unfamiliar environment.

 Therefore, NHI visiting dental services helps. Dr. Wang Jun-Kai(王俊凱) from Hong Xiang Dental Clinic came to Xiao Bing's home and provided him with dental treatment in a familiar environment where may ease Xiao Bing’s anxiety. Dr. Wang used portable dental equipment, suitable treatments, and safe positions for Xiao Bing.

 Meanwhile, the NHI Special Medical Service for Ambulatory Dentistry Global Budget has been implemented for years. The National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) thanks all of medical teams from every local dental associations for regularly offering oral hygiene instructions and medical care to care centers, schools for special education, and nursing homes for the elderly and for providing oral care to people with physical disabilities and those who are bedridden. Currently, there are 125 doctors from 74 dental clinics across Taiwan providing visiting dental services.

 If anyone needs visiting dental service, they may find dental clinics near them on the NHIA's website. If this service is not near you, please contact Taiwan Dental Association and local dental associations for a referral.

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Dr. Wang Jun-Kai provided Xiao Bing dental care at Xiao Bing’s home.   (Courtesy of the NHIA; with the family's consent to publish)

  • Date:2021-05-07