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Apply a New NHI Card on Your Mobile Phone

 National Health Insurance (NHI) cards are the medical certificates when seeking medical attentions. Cardholders may get anxious and worried if their NHI card was lost. By using the NHI app, cardholders can immediately apply for a replacement card online to prevent their lost card from being illegally used, and the lost card will be simultaneously cancelled.

 Lin Chun-Mei, Director of the Southern Division of the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA), said that the Division immediately calls cardholders if a lost card was returned to their Division. If this cardholder did not receive any notifications from the NHIA, they may first download the NHI app and use the E-Counter of the app to apply for a new card. This new NHI card will be delivered to the applicant within 2 to 3 working days.

 Applicants may follow the instructions on "Easy Steps to Apply for NHI cards via Mobile Phones." Moreover, there are more convenient services available at the E-Counter of the NHI app.

  • Date:2021-04-29