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The BNHI Making Available Electronic Printing of Premium Bill, GIAs are Welcome to Use the System

1.Improving Service Effectiveness, New Electronic Bill Printing Capability

(1) To implement e-government, the BNHI is actively promoting Internet services. As of July, 2006, there were more than 45,000 GIAs who had made use of the BNHI "multiple certification Internet enrollment platform." Beginning in July, 2006, the BNHI added the capability of printing premium payment bills from the Internet to facilitate premium payments.

(2) Method:
The electronic bill printing capability uses the BNHI "multiple certification Internet enrollment platform" as the technical basis. The GIA uses authorized individual ID certificate or the key disk issued by the BNHI to access the "multiple certification Internet enrollment and withdrawal system" and request a download of the "electronic bill." After the GIA makes the request, the BNHI will place the monthly bill in the GIAs exclusive download area at the beginning of the following month and will also inform the GIA of this via e-mail so the bill can be immediately downloaded and printed out.

During the initial period of this work (until December 31, 2006) in addition to GIAs being able to print out bills electronically, the BNHI will also continue to send out a physical bill and GIAs can choose either bill to take it to a financial institution and pay the premium.

2. There are many advantages to electronic bill printing, everyone is welcome to use the system.

(1) In the past if a bill were lost or damaged then the local BNHI office had to be telephoned or the GIA had to go personally to request a duplicate bill be printed, which was quite time-consuming. The new capability of printing out the bill electronically enables the GIA immediately to print out and obtain the bill itself and conveniently pay the premium. At the same time because the user" + String.fromCharCode(39) + "s identity must first be electronically recognized and verified the procedure is more secure.

(2) To encourage GIAs to make maximum use of this capability, the BNHI has actively promoted it via an electronic newspaper, "rainbow circulars," automatic fax and information meetings. As of August 10, 2006, there had been more than 1,700 enrollees who had requested for this convenient service.

(3) The BNHI has decided by the end of 2006 it will move ahead and make this service available to persons holding individual ID certificates.

(4) The BNHI urges GIAs equipped with laser printers to make maximum use of this capability and if they experience any difficulties with it operation, they may contact the local branch BNHI office at the following direct numbers:

Taipei: (02)21912006 (main line)
Northern Region: (03)4378720
Central Region: (04)22583988
Southern Region: (06)2244768, (06)2260209, (06)2244393
Kaoping Region: (07)3233123 (mainline)
Eastern Region: (03)8332028, (03)8348187

  • Date:2006-08-15