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National Health Insurance Expands the Coverage of Antiviral Medications for Hepatitis B

 From March 1, 2021, the National Health Insurance (NHI) will expand the coverage of antiviral medications for hepatitis B. The major beneficiaries are non-liver organ transplant recipients (using medications for hepatitis B as preventive medications), patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy (using medications for hepatitis B as preventive medications or as a cure), and patients with liver fibrosis stage F3 or a stage greater (using the medications when ALT is above the maximum of the normal range and viral loads are over 20,000 units). It is estimated that the number of beneficiaries is 3,880 (70+310+3,500, respectively) and an annual expenditure for the medications is approximately NTD 247 million.

 According to the National Health Insurance Administration, for liver inflammation patients, it is important to reduce the occurrence of liver cirrhosis and liver cancers if antiviral medications for hepatitis B can be used adequately to suppress viruses. For this reason, the NHI coverage is expanded to cure more patients with hepatitis B.

  • Date:2021-03-03