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Wufeng Township Gets Medical Upgrade from Telemedicine and Virtual NHI Cards

The NHIA and Hsinchu Mackay Memorial Hospital jointly held the NHI Integrated Delivery System (IDS) 20th Anniversary for Hsinchu Wufeng Township. Meanwhile, during the event, hepatitis C screening services were also provided at Wufeng health center in response to the policy for eliminating hepatitis C by 2025 set by Executive Yuan. Meanwhile, the Hsinchu Mackay Memorial Hospital has increased its efforts in recent years to provide services to local residents by supporting the policy for telemedicine and Virtual NHI Cards as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. In the over 20 years since the NHI IDS Program was implemented in Wufeng Township, its results have been outstanding, with more than 90% satisfaction rate from the locals.

The NHIA conducted a pilot program of the Virtual NHI Card medical model in 2019; and in 2022, implementation was expanded to include home health care, video consultations, and telemedicine. Hsinchu Mackay Memorial Hospital also assisted in promoting the use of the Virtual NHI Card in 2022 to make medical care more accessible in remote areas.

The Hsinchu Mackay Memorial Hospital has provided remote consultations for thoracic medicine under the IDS program since 2020. The NHI Telemedicine Coverage Plan, implemented since March 2, 2021, has expanded supports for more specialties, such as ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, and emergency departments. Working with the Wufeng health center and China Medical University Hsinchu Hospital, the specialists can immediately provide professional opinions by video consultations, and then physicians on-site can write prescriptions and provide health education, heightening medical efficiency and saving travel time for the locals.

  • Date:2022-09-12