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NHIA to Balance Personal Information Autonomy with Public benefits, Aims to Complete Legal Rationale of NHI database

The NHI database are extremely important to Taiwan's healthcare development. According to a public opinion survey performed by the NHIA, of the 249,269 people surveyed, 91% support the academic use of NHI information. Therefore, the NHIA will continue to communicate with the public, to meet its obligation to inform about the secondary use of NHI data. At the same time, it will prioritize the best benefits of patients and effectively manage NHI database.

The open use of NHI database not only entails personal data protection issues, but also involves the long-term development of the nation and public health. Confronting the challenges posed by the era of AI and big data, the NHIA will continue to improve the use of the NHI databases to better fit with the conditions in Taiwan, international trends, and constitutional decisions, while also striking a balance between personal information autonomy and public benefits.

  • Date:2022-08-26