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Over 6 Million People downloaded The NHI APP: Covers Individual Health Management and Utilizes Technologies for Pandemic Prevention

  By July 13, 2021, number of people downloaded the NHI APP has totaled over 6 million, with an accumulated number of 11.43 million logins.
  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals can inquire COVID-19 rapid test result and PCR test result via the NHI APP from May 6. The measure is aimed at easing the administrative burden of district health centers. Also, the vaccination information collected by Centers for Disease Control was included in the ‘vaccination information’ section in the APP. On July 9, the aforesaid two items were integrated into ‘COVID-19 Vaccines/ Testing result’, which serves as ‘green passage’ for COVID-19 prevention. From July 6, following ‘COVID-19 Public Vaccine Reservation System’ implemented mainly by digital minister Audrey Tang, individuals can register interest and make an appointment for vaccine via the NHI APP.
  According to Dr. Po-Chang Lee, Director General of the NHIA, the NHIA is constantly advancing the functions of the NHI APP. In May, 2018, the rapid authentication of mobile phone from five telecoms was added, which simplified the online authentication of identification. Later, in response to the COVID-19 prevention measures, the NHIA also works with the government to develop the online 2.0 Name-based mask distribution system from February, 2020. Individuals are thus able to pre-order masks via the APP. In addition to pandemic prevention assisted by technologies, individuals can also inquire personal medical record, medication and test results via the APP. Also, health information of the elders and children is also available in the APP. In terms of personal use of the NHI, individuals can inquire number of annual outpatient visits, the medical expenses that have been incurred, copayment and medical record with certain screening conditions. With the aforementioned functions, people can thus better understand the usage status of the NHI.

  • Date:2021-07-15