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A Great Improvement for the NHI Health Care in the Lishan area—Offering Rehabilitation Services and Preparing for Telemedicine in Mountainous Areas

 Because of inconvenient transportation at Lishan, a villege of Taichung City's Heping District, Lishan Public Health Center is the only healthcare facility for local residents. In order to improve medical care in mountainous areas, the National Health Insurance Administration (NHIA) implemented the Integrated Delivery System (IDS) at Lishan in August 2001. Since 2012, the IDS program for Heping has been taken over by the Chung Shan Medical University Hospital (CSMUH) in Taichung City.

 In 2020, the CSMUH established a rehabilitation station and recruited physical therapists at Lishan Public Health Center, mobilizing physiatrists to this health center in order to provide rehabilitation services. The action “Sending rehabilitation services to mountainous areas” has improved medical accessibility for locals who need rehabilitation, and remove the difficulties of long commutes.

 In 2021, the NHIA starts to promoting telemedicine. With information equipment, Lishan’s residents can have medical specialist services as well as people in the city. Ophthalmic care and dermatological care were the first two telemedicine services provided to locals at the first phase. These services cooperated by Lishan Public Health Center and the CSMUH, making medical care no geographical boundaries.

  • Date:2021-04-15