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Use the NHI APP to Check Catastrophic Illness Application Progress

According to the NHIA, patients may check their catastrophic illness eligibility or application results under “Catastrophic Illness Application Progress” in "Catastrophic Illness Inquiry”of the NHI APP on their mobile devices. In addition, patients may enter "My Health Bank” on the app, then go to  “Personal Records”  and click  “Catastrophic Illness Certificate” to see the valid period of the catastrophic illness eligibility. The NHIA reminds patients to visit their doctor for a follow-up before their certificate is expired. The physician will assess the necessity of the renewal of the catastrophic illness certificate.

For any questions concerning the NHI APP, please call the toll-free NHIA hotline at 0800-030-598 or at (02)4128-678 for a mobile phone.

  • Date:2022-11-03