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NHI Measures of Strengthening the Referral System and Related Packages

In light of the call from the general public and the medical community for reform of National Health Insurance and in order to further improve the soundness of National Health Insurance, the NHIA (National Health Insurance Administration) plans to strengthen the referral system. Having collected opinions through public hearings and the Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee of the Legislative Yuan and from experts and scholars, six major strategies and related packages have been established for the time being

six major strategies

Adjustments to National Health Insurance Co-Payments for Outpatient and Emergency Visits

It is hoped that the current adjustments to co-payments will serve as a basis for building an effective referral system, thereby affecting the general public in altering their habitual way of seeking medical services in order to improve efficiency and encourage medical institutions to offer differentiated medical services that involve division of labor.

Copayment for Outpatient Care