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If you meet any of the following criteria, simply prepare the related documents and request reimbursement from any National Health Insurance Administration regional division or liaison office.

The National Health Insurance Administration will reimburse your medical expenses according to audit results:

  1. An emergency situation arose you could not get to a NHI contracted clinic or hospital in time, so you had to seek emergency treatment at a non-NHI contracted clinic or hospital nearby. Or when you are abroad traveling or on business trip suffer an emergency, unexpected injury, illness, or have a child delivery, you need to visit a doctor at a local hospital or clinic.
  2. You received medical attention at an NHI-contracted clinic or hospital during a period while payment was on hold, and you have finished paying the insurance premium and related fees incurred during that period.
  3. You sought medical attention at an NHI-contracted clinic or hospital but had to pay your medical expenses up front due to reasons which cannot be attributed to you, and you did not receive a refund within the medical facility’s refund period (10 days within receiving treatment, not including holidays) or turn in your NHI Card and ID documents before being discharged from the hospital (reasons people may have to pay expenses through no fault of their own: receiving medical care in a county or city of non-residence; the NHIA is still checking premium payments; having a disease that was classified as a catastrophic illness only after being discharged from a hospital; or being from a low-income household, or a veteran, an individual with tuberculosis, or a disability certificate holder who fails to present the necessary identity documents at the time of treatment).
  4. The co-payment stays in acute wards ward within 30 cumulative days or for chronic wards within 180 cumulative days in a whole year exceeding the legal limit.
  5. You applied for catastrophic illness status while hospitalized but only received approval after being discharged, and a refund for co-payments paid out of pocket was not filed with the medication institution within the required deadline (within 10 days after treatment date, not including public holidays).
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