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I. The National Health Insurance Logo

The National Health Insurance Logo

(I) Spirit

  • To unify the power of the community
  • To relieve financial difficulties for access to health care
  • To take care of people’s health.
  • To create a 3H (help, health, and happiness) society.

(II) Significance

  1. The logo consists of two people in the center – a man and a woman holding hands, representing mutual help, mutual care, and health for everyone.
  2. With their hands held together, they form the English letter H.

(1) H stands for help, meaning that people help one another.
(2) H also stands for health, the health of the people.
(3) If people help one another, they can live happily in good health; therefore, H also represents happiness.

(III) Logo Colors

Blue represents professionalism and advancement.
Green represents health and harmony.

II. The Second-Generation National Health Insurance Logo

The Second-Generation National Health Insurance Logo


  • The graphic of love and people means that the 2nd generation National Health Insurance is even more attentive and more reassuring, representing the devotion of the government to providing medical care to its people.
  • The people and love also convey a message of “I love the National Health Insurance and it is nice to have you.” The National Health Insurance is precious to you and me, and its second generation is associated with higher quality.

III. My Health Bank Logo

My Health Bank Logo


  • My Health Bank is an online system that empowers the insured to check their medical information at any time, allowing users to monitor and manage their own health.

IV. NHI-covered Home Care Logo

NHI-covered Home Care Logo


  • It represents the Integrated Home Health Care Program, which medical staff provides comprehensive hospital-to-home care to patients.

V. NHI MediCloud System Logo

NHI MediCloud System Logo


  • This logo portrays the geographic region covered by the NHI (Taiwan main island, Matsu, Kinmen, Penghu, Orchid Island, and Green Island).
  • The graphics of cloud, ECG waveform, capsule and tablet symbolize the features of the NHI MediCloud System.
  • NHI reimburses the insured for illnesses, injuries, and childbirths while their insurance is effective. Physicians and pharmacists can inquire on MediCloud about patients’ medications, laboratory tests or examination records and reports while providing the insured with medical care so as to improve the quality of medical care.