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The NHI App is an application developed by the NHIA. You can access information announced by the NHIA through the app anytime, anywhere.

NHI services offered on the NHI APP:

  1. My Health Bank:Enable you to reach your personal health information, including medical records, surgery, medications, tests and examinations, physiological data, consultation reminders, allergies, organ donation, and palliative care intentions.
  2. E-Counter: Provides a query for overdue premiums, enrollment records, and payment reminders, as well as online applications for NHI cards.
  3. Hospitals: Search on map for nearby medical institutions and their detailed service information
  4. Emergency Illness Handling: When an emergency occurs, you can select “Emergency Illness Handling” to learn about emergency aid and suggestions.
  5. Emergency Medical Care Availability: You may use “Emergency Medical Care Availability” to search for the number of people waiting in emergency room of the designated hospitals around Taiwan.
  6. Medical Care Query: Provides a search function for home health care institutions, NHI-reimbursed medications, and medical devices. You may also search for the prices of the self-paid medical devices listed by healthcare providers in order to decide a suitable medical service for you. If you have applied for the “catastrophic illness certificate” or “reimbursement of self-paid medical expenses”, you can check the progress of the application through this function.
  7. Reform Diary: Provides the e-book version of “Marching to the Cloud: Win-Win for the Patients and the Doctors,” which highlights the various important policies and reforms of NHIA in recent years, starting in 2016.
  8. NHI Regulations: You can search for NHI-related regulations in order to understand your rights.