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Premium Calculation Examples General Premium :
Example 1: Joe Smith works at company A and makes NT$35,000 per month. His wife is a full-time housewife, and his three children are still in school.
  • All members of Joe Smith's family should be enrolled in the health insurance program through company A. Though he has four dependents, he does not have to pay premiums for any one dependent will be covered for free.
  • Based on Mr. Smith's salary, the monthly income used to calculate his premium is NT$36,300 (i.e. level 8 in the income bracket chart).
  • The amount Mr. Smith will pay from his own pocket for his health insurance premium is: [NT$36,300 × 5.17% × 30%] (amount rounded) × (1 + 3) = NT$2,252
  • The amount company A will contribute to Mr. Smith's premium on a monthly basis is: [(NT$36,300 × 5.17% × 60%) × (1 + 0.56)] (amount rounded) = NT$1,757
  • The amount the government will contribute to Mr. Smith's premium on a monthly basis is: [(NT$36,300 × 5.17% × 10%) × (1 + 0.56)] (amount rounded) = NT$293


  • 0.56 in the calculation formula in steps 4 and 5 reflects the standard average number of dependents, and beginning in January 1, 2024, this number is announced as 0.56.
  • Insurance premium rate: 5.17% since January 1, 2021.
Supplementary Premium: [Interest Income]
  • Example: Mr. Fu has a few time deposit accounts at bank B. Three of them expired on June 20, 2021 and paid Mr. Fu NT$1,500, NT$25,000, and NT$1,800 in interest, respectively. How will bank B deduct Mr. Fu's supplementary premium?
  • Calculation: Supplementary premium = [NT$25,000 × 2.11%] (amount rounded) = NT$528
  • Note: Supplementary premiums are calculated based on the interest paid on each time deposit account, not the combined amount. Two of the accounts paid out less (NT$1,500 and NT$1,800) in interest than the minimum amount of the supplementary premiums are collected and are therefore exempt from the supplementary premium deduction. Bank B is required to pay the NHIA the NT$528 deducted from Mr. Fu's interest payment by July 31, 2021.
  • Supplementary premium rate: 2.11% since January 1, 2021.