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Once your application to have your premiums automatically deducted from your account officially takes effect, the authorized financial institution will debit your account on the 15th of each month. If your account lacks the necessary funds, financial institutions will no longer debit your account. Instead, the NHIA will send you the unsuccessful transfer payment slip and ask you to pay the amount owed through another channel. Therefore, please make sure that sufficient funds are in the account before the 15th of each month so that the automatic deduction can be made.

No matter how you choose to pay, if you pay your premiums after the grace period (the 15th of the month after the payment period) has expired, the NHIA will count the number of days payment was late (from the day following the expiry of the grace Period-the 16th of the month after the payment period – to the day before the payment was made) and will charge a penalty of 0.1% of the amount owed per day. The penalty cannot exceed 15% of the premiums owed for insurance registration organizations and cannot exceed 5% of the amount owed for individuals.