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2016-07-20Nurse–Patient Ratio and NHI Payment Improvement Schemes
2016-06-07Universal Value of the Right to Medical Care, Comprehensive Unlocking of the National Health Card, and Strengthening of Overdue Payment Recovery
2016-05-20Change of Leadership Ceremony for National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
2016-04-14Increased Cloud-based Health Care Efficiency Enhances Medication Safety
2016-04-14Effective from 2016, Individuals Who Have Registered their NHI Cards May Use the Cards for Filing Income Tax and Accessing My Health Bank. Services Available to All!
2016-03-01"My Health Bank" System Enhances Health Self-Management, in Line with Global Trend
2016-02-26NHI 21 Cloud Service
2016-02-23NHIA Announces Statistics of Reimbursements on Overseas Medical Care throughout 2015
2016-01-26NHI Affirmed by Public, Ensures the Rights of Disadvantaged Groups
2016-01-21NHI Assures Health and Welfare During Chinese New Year
2016-01-01The new issuses that effective starting from January 1, 2016
2015-12-02Physicians Taking Advantage of the NHI PharmaCloud system to Reduce Inappropriate Waste of Resources
2015-11-24Value-added Upgraded NHI Mobile App Plus Makes Payment of NHI Premium at Your Fingertips
2015-10-20Effective January 1, 2016, the NHI Average Number of Dependents Reduced to 0.61
2015-10-13New NHI Mobile App Brings NHI Services at Your Fingertips
2015-07-28National Health Insurance Card Gives You Access to Convenient Online Services
2015-07-07Number of Catastrophic Illnesses Certificates Down in 2014, the NHI Medical Care for Patients Remains Unchanged
2015-06-09Have You Applied for “My Health Bank”?
2015-05-27Value-Added Innovative Application - NHI Information Now Accessible
2015-05-08Help Mom Apply for "My Health Bank" — The Best Mother's Day Gift!