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2017-03-28Raising Medical Efficiency and Quality by Using the E-Referral Platform
2017-02-19Strengthening the Referral System and Adjustments to National Health Insurance Co-Payments for Outpatient and Emergency Visits
2017-01-20Reimbursement of Prepaid Medical Expenses for Citizens That Seek Emergency Medical Attention Abroad
2017-01-18Conditional Inclusion of Oral Drug Treatment for Hepatitis C in the National Health Insurance Coverage as of January 24, 2017
2016-12-23The Coverage of oral drug treatments for Hepatitis C in the National Health Insurance is approved with conditions by the NHI Supervisory Board
2016-12-23Changes to the National Insurance Health Payroll Brackets on which premiums are calculated as of January 1, 2017
2016-11-17NHI Increases Organ Transplant Payment to Encourage Organ Donation, Extend Life, and Promote Quality of Life
2016-11-13NHI Measures of Strengthening the Referral System and Related Packages
2016-11-10Public satisfaction in Taiwan’s NHI system 2nd best since 1995
2016-10-12Targeted Drugs Introduced by NHI to Benefit Cancer Patients
2016-10-04NHIA and Medical Community Jointly Promote Artificial Joint Registry to Safeguard Patient Safety
2016-08-17NHI Provides Continuous Enhanced Home Care Services for Patients with Reduced Mobility
2016-08-16Promoting NHI Card Application Services for Rural Areas
2016-07-21My Health Bank V2.0—Logged in yet?
2016-07-20Nurse–Patient Ratio and NHI Payment Improvement Schemes
2016-06-07Universal Value of the Right to Medical Care, Comprehensive Unlocking of the National Health Card, and Strengthening of Overdue Payment Recovery
2016-05-20Change of Leadership Ceremony for National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
2016-04-14Increased Cloud-based Health Care Efficiency Enhances Medication Safety
2016-04-14Effective from 2016, Individuals Who Have Registered their NHI Cards May Use the Cards for Filing Income Tax and Accessing My Health Bank. Services Available to All!
2016-03-01"My Health Bank" System Enhances Health Self-Management, in Line with Global Trend