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Please update your NHI card if the following situations occur:

1.Allotted Visits Is Used Up

Every time the information on NHI Card is updated, the card can be used for a doctor visit. Whenever the NHI Card is used to get care, one visit is automatically deducted from the card's allotment. When the NHI Card's allotted visit runs out, it must be updated for patients to be able to continue receiving care.

2.NHI Card Is About to Expire
The NHI Card is valid for one year and must be updated annually before it expires. To help the insured remember the expiration date, the National Health Insurance Administration has designated each cardholder's birthday as his or her card's final day of validity. Cardholders must update their cards within 30 days before their birthday at a location where card readers are installed or at health care institutions while getting a checkup.
3.Personal Information Needs to Be Changed
If your personal status changes to that of a member of a low income household or unemployed veteran, you must update your NHI Card at any location where a card reader is available, such as a National Health Insurance Administration regional division or health care institutions, if you want to be exempt from co-payments.
4.Places Where NHI Card Can Be Updated
If you have used up the allotted number of visits, clinics or hospitals will use their NHI Card readers to automatically update your card (as long as your premium payments are up to date). You can also update your card on your own using NHI Card readers available at National Health Insurance Administration regional divisions, public information service counters at NHIA-affiliated outpatient centers, or village, town, city or area administrative offices.