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2021-11-05Mixing Chinese and Western Medicine Cares Cancer Patients.
2021-11-05With the Launch of Telemedicine, Remote Areas are Like our Neighborhood.
2021-11-04No Worries for Being Sick When You Have Your NHI Card With You!
2021-10-29Double Payment? Refunds are Available Online
2021-10-27The NHIA Works with District Offices to Offer Digitalized Services to Better Respond the Pandemic.
2021-10-22The New NHI Online Service: Changing the UI No. on ARC when replacing the NHI Card
2021-10-22Accessing Medical Care is Made Easier With the Virtual NHI Card
2021-10-08Updates on NHI medical review: Yunlin medical review office be rolled out.
2021-10-05The NHIA held the open government collaborative meeting, discussing the petition to cover ‘counselling and psychotherapy’ into the NHI benefits.
2021-10-01Mobile health care adopts taxi-bus to serve the elderly in remote places in Tainan.
2021-09-28Breakthrough medicines included into the NHI benefit package: more options for rare childhood cancers.
2021-09-24New options for NHI service: LINE group chat for group insurance applicants now available.
2021-09-17Reserve Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers? Better Apply for Your Lost NHI Card Replacement via NHI APP ASAP.
2021-09-10Things to Know About Your NHI Enrollment after Retirement.
2021-09-08NHI Program Strengthens its Role in Remote and Mountainous Areas.
2021-09-03Safeguarding Your NHI Enrollment Rights.
2021-08-23Message to Group Insurance Applicants and Individuals: Be Alert to Malicious Emails sent by NHIA Imposter Scams.
2021-08-20Safe Payment Methods Available during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
2021-08-13Mobile Health Care in Remote Places Continues during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
2021-08-06Taking parental leave while staying at home? Inquire unpaid premiums via the NHI APP.