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Safeguarding Your NHI Enrollment Rights.

  According to issues reported to the NHIA, it is not until that individuals who were laid off, asked to change duties, reduce working hours/wages due to the pandemic and later filed for relevant subsidies that they found out that they had not been enrolled in the NHI system or their salaries had not been accurately reported via the NHI APP.
  According to the NHIA, National Health Insurance Act stipulates that employees should consider their employers (organizations) as group insurance applicants and cannot be insured as a member of the trade union, farmers’ association or fishermen’s association, or the unemployed, veterans or their relatives. Individuals shall be enrolled in the NHI system by the date of employment and the enrollment should be accurately reported so as to avoid overdue payment or fines.
  During the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals can make an inquiry about the enrollment record or fees via ‘e-counter’ in the NHI APP. In the event of any inconsistency, issues can be firstly reported to the organizations. Should there be breaches of regulations, complaints can be filed with the NHIA.

  • Date:2021-09-03